Flat Roofing

At Armored Roofing we are your experts in Flat Roofs. Not all roofers can install or service flat roofs. Flat roofs are a familiar sight throughout Florida. Malls, warehouses, apartment buildings or schools usually features a flat roof. And of course, there are homes in Florida which also have flat roofs.
A Flat Roof is easier to install over large surfaces and is the most common choice for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. From the start, you’ll likely have questions, including: is a flat roof the right choice for a home? Is it more expensive? Is it harder to install? What about ongoing maintenance?

Flat roofs can be a great addition to a home if they are installed properly. We take many extra steps during our flat roof installations that are not required by building code. Over many years of installing this roofing system we have found many extra steps that can be made to insure a longer lifespan. For example: we install 6 inch stripping around the perimeter of the roof before we install your new drip edge. This allows the final cap sheet to melt the new drip edge into the roof sealing it off. This will stop water intrusion around the perimeter of the roof as it ages. We also highly recommend installing a tapered system on your flat roof which will act as another insulated barrier to help with heating and cooling but will also create a slight pitch on the roof for proper water drainage. The most important part of these roofs is leveling out the homes wood decking before install which most companies do not do. All of our installation technicians that do our flat roof installations go through a rigorous training before we allow them to install this roofing system and each flat roof is supervised thoroughly from start to finish.

Whether choosing a roof design for a new home, or replacing/repairing a current flat roof, Armored Roofing offers much of the information needed to make informed decisions for a lasting, sturdy choice for your investment.
Flat Roof by Armored Roofing - Palm Harbor FL - Sample 1


At Armored Roofing we install a foam ISO tapered system on any flat roof to create a pitch on the roof. This tapered system ensures proper drainage of water and ultimately extends the life of the roofing material. This also acts as an additional insulation barrier since flat roofs have no attic space and very little insulation.

TPO is a thin rubber roofing material that gets stretched out and secured to the roof with metal plates and screws. After installing this rubber roofing, we heat weld another piece over top of the first piece to become one unit. This is one of many options available. We do not recommend this option for roofs that are located under large trees as it could penetrate the material and cause further damage.

This is the most popular and cost-effective option for flat roofs. These systems are installed a lot better than they were previously. At Armored Roofing we install peel and stick to the wood decking and then we torch down the modified cap sheet. We also install stripping around the perimeter of the roof to melt the new drip edge into the new roof protecting the perimeter for many years to come.

Peel and stick is a flat roof option that is identical to modified torch roofing systems but it strictly peels and sticks directly to the decking on the flat roof. We install a base sheet and then a final cap sheet.


One of the disadvantages of flat roofs is that they are known to get dips in them causing water to pond. A dip can cause a larger issue with your flat roof. At Armored Roofing, our team will use a product to level out the field of the flat roof before the new roof gets installed to be sure to eliminate and low areas and make sure the water will drain properly.


At Armored Roofing we will always re-nail the flat roof decking with 8D ring-shank nails to bring the decking up to current building code and secure the structure of the decking. 

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