Tile Roofing

If you are in search of a tile roofer, look no more. At Armored Roofing we know all there is to know about tile roofs. The tile roof systems of today are very different from the tile roofs that were installed many years ago.

Tile roofs are now installed with a peel and stick underlayment that has a cloth finish allowing us to adhere the tile to the decking with a foam adhesive called tile bond. A roof that is under 5/12 pitch can have this system installed that will in some cases eliminate the need to puncture the roof with any nails or screws. No nails or screw means extending the life of your roof.

There are many kinds of tile roofing systems available and different roofs mean different prices. If you are considering a tile roof, we suggestion that you schedule an appointment with the experts at Armored Roofing. Our roofing experts will come out and go over the different options available to you. Armored Roofing is fully certified in tile bond.

If a new tile roof is in your future, contact Armored Roofing today for your free estimate.